vAIsual is a technology company pioneering legally clean generative AI algorithms and solutions. 


vAIsual was first formed in 2020 by Michael Osterrieder and Nicolas Menijes, soon to be joined by industry veterans Mark Milstein and Istvan Novak. All founders are well connected to the IP licensing industry. Our technological understanding and legal knowledge led quickly to our first proprietary generative AI solution.

We cover the whole AI workflow, from dataset generation and delivery, to optimizing training sessions. We also offer generated content to the commercial advertising industry as well as for the machine learning industry.

We implement the highest quality standards in our algorithms as well as in our dataset generation and collection. vAIsual exclusively relies on ethically sourced and legally clean datasets. As of now, over 500k images of real life humans are available to license on our dataset marketplace. The datasets covers most human expressions, with all angles and variations. All our subjects sign a biometric model release which provides legal clarity concerning the use of personal data under the GDPR (EU) or BIPA (USA) laws.

The vision of vaisual is clear: to spearhead the evolution of content creation and create a platform of unlimited creativity.

“Our new technology will enable all people to express their visions and thoughts. It will lift commercial content creation into a new realm which is much more dynamic than now and will open up new ways of communication we did not even dare to dream of,” says Michael Osterrieder, CEO of vAIsual.

The times of static content are soon to be gone. Massive databases with millions of images and videos are the dinosaurs of the internet. Soon neural networks will create all desired content on the fly.What we will provide to the content industry is unique, custom tailored and instantly available visual media, created specifically for the demographics of the target audience and beyond all creative and economic limitations.

Enter the new era of perception with vAIsual.

vaisual - the future of ai generated visual content