License our biometric datasets.

Our real-life dataset is the largest source of legally licensable, GDPR compliant, biometrically released images of humans specifically engineered for the training of artificial intelligence and machine learning on the globe.

We are happy to assist you, and are capable of customizing datasets to fit any scope. - biometric dataset licensing platform

The first step of creating any generative AI is the dataset. The design of the dataset decides the quality of the generated output, and sets the tone for the commercial usability of generated content.

At vAIsual, we build our technology from the ground up, starting with the datasets. All of our biometric datasets are created with the consent of individuals and all people we use in our training sessions.

We designed our own biometric model release, which allows us to use the data for machine learning purposes. This provides a guarantee for all companies dealing with biometric data to comply with all necessary legislation.

In 2022, we launched to offer to AI companies a legal alternative to scraped data which comes with various technical and legal complications.

The legal safety and ethical peace of mind is valuable to our professional business partners. Not only considering copyright issues arising from scraped data, but also the privacy implications using personal biometric data of individuals in publicly available media files.

vAIsual provides the legal shield in a stormy and emerging market which does not yet provide clear guidelines for data usage. On, you will find over half a million images of human identities.

We create the datasets by shooting each individual in all emotional base expressions, in a 360° turn around, soon to be featuring full body expressions and video datasets. All still image datasets are created @42MP with high performance system cameras and all video datasets are created @ 4k with 120 frames per second. The available licenses cover any usage from facial recognition, emotion detection to the training of generative AI systems.

With our partner network, we thrive to rapidly increase the offer on our shop.

Do not gamble with the future of your company. Use legally licensed datasets and enjoy the technical avantages, and the ethical and legal peace of mind. Be part of creating a fair future for the content industry.