ethical AI

As AI becomes more deeply ingrained in our daily lives, from generative AI to healthcare to finance, the need for ethical and fair algorithms is more pressing than ever.

At vAIsual, ethical AI is not just a concept, it’s at the core of our company and mission as founders.

Legally clean, ethical training data is crucial for creating fair, unbiased, and just AI systems.

It ensures that the systems are respectful of content creatives and their copyright, and that the data used to train the systems is accurate and representative of the population it will be used on. More importantly, it helps to protect organizations and individuals from legal liability.

vaisual - ethical generative AI

The launch of our foundational DatasetShop is the result of our years’ long effort to promote ethical AI through products and deeds.
The Datasetshop is home to the world’s first and largest GDPR compliant, biometrically released dataset of images of real humans available for data scientists, researchers and companies interested in ensuring their algorithms are trained on legally clean data.

It is also home to a growing volume of licensable stock imagery from many of the leading stock media marketplaces; a key component in fueling the growing demands of generative AI and beyond.

Clean data is the foundation of ethical AI, and vAIsual is its source.