ethical AI

We are currently witnessing the emergence of a new industry.

For the first time in human history, we can outsource neural activity which imitates the behavior of a human brain.  This new horizon offers almost unlimited growth potential, but also brings ethical responsibilities and bears legal risks.  At vAisual, we create an ethical and legally compliant generative AI and supply our customers with all necessary elements to create their own ethical AI systems.  
vaisual - ethical generative AI

We build our technology from the ground up, starting with the datasets. All of our biometric datasets are created with the consent of the individuals. All people we use in our training sessions have signed a biometric model release which allows us to use the data for machine learning (and other) purposes.  

This is the kind of guarantee all companies need when dealing with biometric data to comply with all existing legislation, providing peace of mind and legal security to our customers.  This dataset design also offers technical advantages and is created with highest quality standards in mind. Great data is our basic building block to create great generative AI.  vAIsual uses the newest technologies and implements its proprietary development into the most efficient AI technologies available today.  

With our vast knowledge of the IP industry, and a strong technical background, we provide worry free AI solutions to our business partners and content creators. The future is unlimited creativity.