Synthetic media

Synthetic media refers to any content fully generated by artificial intelligence algorithms. This content is unique and generated almost instantly upon request. Synthetic media is genuine content and does not contain existing elements. It is generated via the creativity of a trained neural network and allows the user to express full creativity without  limitations.

Artificial intelligence

Our AI technology is a unique development consisting of existing elements and technology such as GANs, probabilistic denoising diffusion / guided diffusion models and tokenized language to image technology. Rapid development in AI technology allows a near dynamic adaption of new scenarios, and a nearly unlimited potential to generate high quality synthetic media.

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Synthetic humans

on green screen with various emotional expressions

The future

We don’t only target synthetic media as a simple product, but our algorithms are capable of understanding through tokenization the meaning and context of visual data. This enables meaningful and genuine creation of new content which would challenge even the most creative human.