A paradigm Shift

vAisual has created the world's first commercially available algorithmic camera – a ground-breaking product that combines legally clean datasets to act as the raw ingredients and the most powerful AI-powered technology on planet Earth to generate synthetic content anywhere, any time.

Near zero production cost

With a production cost just above the price of electricity, synthetic media eliminates the need for location scouting, model fees, royalties and all of the negatives normally associated with photo shoots.

No legal friction

Synthetic humans do not exist. You can use them for any campaign or message. No release forms. No rights restrictions. Full freedom from any legal hassles.

Creativity unleashed

Found nowhere else, our synthetic media is as unique as your imagination and therefore exclusive. What more could any creative ever ask for?

Special Recognition - vAIsual

"As the world expands into more visual media the use of synthetic media is expanding quickly. vAIsual's methodology and approach to how they implement AI in the imaging space is very interesting. By generating their own datasets, they can acquire biometric releases and allow for self-identification, creating a unique and diverse dataset that can be leveraged to not just create synthetic media but to also generate algorithms to understand meaning and context of visual data."
Anna Dickson, Visual Lead, Google images and Google Search


One of a kind technology covering the entire process; from custom datasets to synthetic media


Custom created datasets, engineered specifically for machine learning purposes and 100% legally clean.

AI Algorithm

AI Algorithm

Text to Image synthesis using the most advanced neural networks. Any image can be generated by human input.

Synthetic media

Synthetic media

Commercial content, social content, even memories and dreams are translated into pixels by simple commands and adjustments created by artificial intelligence.

Over 100 years of visual media licensing experience
Michael Osterrieder

Michael Osterrieder


Michael Osterrieder is a creative professional and entrepreneur with nearly two decades of IP production experience under his belt. Combining vast experience in 3D graphics, photography and videography, Michael has sold over 500.000 media licenses worldwide.

Mark Milstein - Rainmaker at vaisual.com

Mark Milstein

COO, Rainmaker

Mark Milstein brings unique insights into global content operations and the licensed stock media landscape that few can match. War photographer, founder of Eastern Europe’s first internet-based photo agency and founder of Microstocksolutions.

Nicolas Meijes - vaisual founder

Nicolas Menijes

Head of Organic Content

Nicolas Menijes is a recognized superstar within the licensed stock media universe. Nicolas is the powerhouse behind vAIsual’s real life dataset production, and oversees the production and of all organic content for vaisual.com.

Lee Torrens - inner voice of vaisual

Lee Torrens

The inner voice

Lee Torrens has from its earliest days been the voice and inner ear of the microstock world. First as the founder of MicrostockDiaries, the much-regarded industry blog, and later as the first director of content at Canva, the $40 billion dollar graphic design platform, Lee now guides vAIsual as its advisor on all things related to corporate structure and legal affairs.

IStvan Zolt Novak - Numbers guy at vaisual.com

Istvan Zsolt Novak​


Istvan Novak is vAIsual's head of finances and recognized taskmaster, and brings more than 33 years of success in sales, marketing and strategic management to the table. Istvan's respected business acumen, honed overseeing such companies as TriGranit, Kraft Foods, E.ON, GranitBank, and Eclipse Automation, keeps the lights on and the machine's running at vAIsual.

Tatiana Snauwaert - vaisual.com

Tatiana Snauwaert

Lead Developer

Passionate about learning and results-oriented, Tatiana Snauwaert brings her unique experience with machine learning algorithms having learned from the top-notch professionals in the industry