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vAIsual And Smarterpix Sign Historic Distribution Agreement

vAIsual And Smarterpix Sign Historic Distribution Agreement

vAIsual And Smarterpix Sign Historic Distribution Agreement 

Synthetic content pioneer vAIsual and PantherMedia, Germany’s leading stock photo agency, have announced a historic distribution agreement giving the Munich-based agency’s free site,, access to the world’s first legally licensed, synthetically generated stock content.

“Synthetic content, photography generated by algorithms, is the future of our industry, said vAIsual founder and CEO Michael Osterrieder. “The world is ready for AI generated media.” 

Phase one of the agreement will see vAIsual’s library of synthetic human portraits available for free download on Each portrait has been generated on a green screen, giving users the ability to easily merge these synthetic elements with real life photography backgrounds to create wholly unique content.

“Our portrait library contains an ever growing volume of diverse faces, ages, ethnicities and genders,” Osterrieder said. “We are aggressively working on our next phase of development, and will shortly begin generating full-body images of humans.”

“We consider ourselves to be the clean data guys, said vAIsual’s Osterrieder. “We shoot all of our own datasets, and own the copyright to any synthetic creation. All of the real life models used to create the datasets signed biometric release forms.The end results are legally clean datasets and ultimately legally clean synthetic content.” 

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vAIsual is a technology company pioneering algorithms and solutions to generate synthetic licensed stock media and beyond. Founded by stock media legends Michael Osterrieder and Nico Menijes, together with business industry veterans Istvan Novak and Mark Milstein, vAIsual generates content that is nothing short of metamorphic. Few events in the history of photography have been heralded as much as the arrival of synthetic media. Leveraging the endless possibilities offered by generative adversarial networks, vAIsual is on the forefront of tomorrow’s visual media future today.