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vAIsual launches PeopleMaker app on Canva to generate synthetic human images

The PeopleMaker app is a powerful tool for creating custom, realistic “synthetic humans” – AI-generated human portraits with realistic traits – for use in Canva designs, using legally clean and ethically sourced data. PeopleMaker adds efficiency to the creative process by enabling users to generate exactly the image they’re looking for rather than search through stock image libraries to find the best option. Canva users can access PeopleMaker natively in the editor to create more engaging presentations, videos, social media posts and more.

It joins one of the hundreds of apps in the Canva App Marketplace designed to enhance the range of functionality for Canva’s 170 million global users.

Canva App Marketplace

The PeopleMaker app represents vAIsual’s inaugural AI model release. It serves as a prime example of the outcomes achievable through training on vAIsual’s GDPR-approved human biometric dataset for machine learning. The PeopleMaker app allows users to choose the gender, age, and expression of the generated synthetic humans. The new tool takes less than 10 seconds to generate a synthetic person before inserting them as a transparent layer in the Canva design.

PeopleMaker Synthetic Model Generator

While the app is initially free to use, the company soon plans to implement a monthly subscription, as well as a one-time purchase option.

According to vAIsual CEO Michael Osterrieder, the PeopleMaker app is an example of AI designed ethically and responsibly.

“Commercial applications for AI will only be adopted by companies around the world once they have access to legally, ethically trained AI models. By training our AI models on data that has full consent from the original models, we are setting a standard of legal compliance and privacy.”

“Using an AI generator such as PeopleMaker to create synthetic humans for designs is a safe, fast, and low-cost way to include human models with just a click of a button,” says Osterrieder.

“The PeopleMaker app provides a powerful way to make presentations, videos, and whiteboards more engaging. Canva’s goal is to make design accessible by integrating the best, and most responsible, AI technology into one simple platform. vAIsual’s ethically sourced dataset means users can harness AI in their work and trust that the content they generate is safe for use,” said Anwar Haneef, Head of Ecosystem at Canva.

PeopleMaker App now on Canva

About vAIsual

vAIsual was first formed in 2020 by Michael Osterrieder and Nicolas Menijes, soon to be joined by industry veterans, Mark Milstein and Istvan Novak. All founders are well connected to the IP licensing industry.

Their technological understanding and legal knowledge led quickly to their first proprietary generative AI solution.

They cover the whole AI workflow, from dataset generation and delivery, to optimizing training sessions then synthetic media.

About Canva

Launched in 2013, Canva is a free online visual communications and collaboration platform with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design. Featuring a simple drag-and-drop user interface and a vast range of templates ranging from presentations, documents, websites, social media graphics, posters, and apparel to videos, plus a huge library of fonts, stock photography, illustrations, video footage, and audio clips, anyone can take an idea and create something beautiful.

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